The Experimental Game Society

We envision the society as a new wave in which to explore the practical possibilities of storytelling in games. We believe archetypal, lyrical ways of thinking can enhance modern technique, and create deeper narrative/gamplay experiences.


Hi! Like so many other wonderful people, I — albeit less wonderful — am doing a 25 hour Extra Life stream this Saturday (LESS THAN 36 HOURS FROM RIGHT NOW) to raise money for my local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital — Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.

Why should you watch my stream? What makes it different? Well, I’ll be playing (and sucking at) a whole bunch of hard games and I’ll have only one life in each one. I’ll have guests! Awesome guests! Guests with beautiful voices, gentle souls, and big hearts!

Why should you donate money to my fundraiser page account thing? Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC is a fantastic hospital with amazing doctors and nurses who take care of sick children regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

So please donate! Your generosity and support will be much appreciated!




((You guys don’t know steampunk until you head on over to this awesome little slice of heaven over here in Baltimore. This is a repurposed power plant that was built in 1900 that was converted into a Barnes and Noble. It boasts a good selection of books, has the obligatory Starbucks inside with an awesome view of the city, but also has a really neat and informative aquarium that features wildlife you’d find in the bay! This is one awesome looking place to read. If you guys ever visit me up here in Maryland, we’d totally visit this Barnes and Noble.))

One of my fave B&Ns ever :) And it’s only ~45 min drive away!

My favourite B&N next to my home away from home, the Aquarium <3
My childhood was the Baltimore Harbour and the National Aquarium

My home, way from home 

Just got my copy of #indiegamethemovie. Now when ever ppl dont understand what im doing late nights on my laptop, i can show them this. #indiegames

Just got my copy of #indiegamethemovie. Now when ever ppl dont understand what im doing late nights on my laptop, i can show them this. #indiegames

dessert for thought

 Perhaps someone can help me understand why gamers feel the need to question and negate games simply because of its 2-3 hours game-play for (x amount) price. You don’t see people go into movies saying “10-20$ for a mere 2 hours. Or asking how many words per pages comes in this book”?

 Yet we as gamer’s do this, as if Skyrim’s ( or any other game) 60 plus  hours justify its 60$ price tag. I would rather pay x price for a 2 hour game, that is pushing the medium - then pay for a 60 hour inapt game. 


leftover dessert



It feels weird when you create a concept for a game and as time moves and it develops more; the themes and things you have to say change. I often wonder if design should be like a picture of emotion, a frozen view. For me, it gets harder writing/designing. Specially, when you don’t think like you did when you first conceived the idea & theme for the game.